iZend is a PHP engine for developing well structured web applications with a content manager. It's aimed at programmers who want full control on the code they use with maximum adaptability and reusability. It's simple to understand, easy to extend, open to other components in PHP or JavaScript. The goal is to let it become your own very quickly while still keeping all the benefits of using a software program which is constantly enriched by an open source community.

Why choose my engine? Because it's simple - Rudolf Diesel

iZend is built with a straightforward architecture designed for organizing publications and programming complex processes in several languages and for different media with a responsive layout. It includes a content editor, a set of presentation models, an indexing system and a search engine with an input corrector, editable comments, file downloads, secure votes, RSS feeds, HTML newsletters, QR codes, Google Analytics, a payment system (PayPal) and more. It carefully interfaces social networks. It manages a community of users with configurable privileges.

iZend is written in PHP for Apache on Linux or Windows. It can use a database managed by MySQL or PostgreSQL or no database and take very little space on disk.

Put online in just a few minutes a multimedia website in several languages with an attractive home page and a contact form, a website which can be shared on all social networks in one click!

How to install iZend

iZend is distributed in several variants. The base software program is called iZend Core or just iZend. The version which is specialized for a blog is called iZend Blog. iZend Bootstrap is entirely written with the graphical environment of Bootstrap by Twitter.

iZend Core

iZend Blog

iZend Bootstrap

Click on an image to try the initial site

Start with the Installation guide to learn how to download the source code from GitHub and generate your initial website on Linux or Windows with MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Once iZend is installed, you'll have a functional website looking perfect on a PC, a tablet or a smartphone which you will be able to edit and program at will.

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Analyzing the traffic

Draw graphics by Google Analytics of the number of visits per day for a given period on the different pages of a website.

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Library of functions

The complete documentation of all the PHP functions developed for iZend. The whole MVC engine is in the file engine, in just 277 lines of code! You want to create a QR code or exchange data in HTTP(S) with an other service? Try qrencode and sendhttp.

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The whole elaboration process of the initial code of iZend is described in the course Write a CMS in PHP. Read this manual to understand the concepts and the implementation of the MVC model and the contents editor of iZend.

BuZZmii allows you to create, edit and put online in just a few minutes a multimedia and multilingual website in one page which looks perfect on any support.

BuZZmii is also a directory with a search engine. You can freely link your page to keywords. You have a restaurant near the Eiffel tower? Associate your page with the words restaurant Tour Eiffel tower Paris and a visitor will be able to find you by typing restaurant Paris or Eiffel tower directly on the home page.

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A signmii attests that a document, a photo, an archive or any digital file existed at a certified time.


signmii.com can code a signmii in a QR. Scanning the QR displays the content of the signmii.







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A QRmii is QR code which contains a short URL which is automatically redirected to a complete URL. Scanning a QRmii with a smartphone displays the page of the original URL.

Download a QRmii by program in just a few lines of code. Create a dynamic link between your services or your products and your public. A QRmii is simple, fast, reliable and fun. The applications are infinite!

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